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Designed and executed for an ever-growing industry, Phone Repair Guy provides quick, effective and affordable electronic device repairs.

Phone Repair Experts

We are the one-stop-shop for device owners that are experiencing a problem and need it fixed right away. From smartphones to laptops and everything electronic in between, we fix both minor and major problems because we know how important your device is to every day work and life. We are a recognized leader in the mobile repair industry with the highest of standards when it comes to serving our customers.

Why Choose Us

Annual Industry Revenue: $4 Billion

Projected Annual Growth: 3.4%

Serving and Franchising throughout the United States

Providing the Best Customer Service Experience

Established in 1999. Over 20+ Years Experience

Electronics We Repair


PC / Desktop


Cam / Recorders



Game Console

Why Acquire a Phone Repair Franchise?

The mobile phone and tablet repair industry has steadily increased in the past 10 years, as more and more users have become reliant on their devices for their personal, school, and business activities. Smartphones and tablets are damage-prone, giving the industry a significant $4 billion revenue and 3.4 percent annual growth. With the rise of the importance of stored data and the cost of mobile devices, they become less disposable and users prefer to have them repaired than replaced.

Why Phone Repair Guy?

Phone Repair Guy specializes in the in-store repair of smartphones and tablets, and also provides buybacks and trade-ins of devices. Fixing popular issues such as cracked screens, broken LCDs, water damage, batteries, and more is what Phone Repair Guy does best, completing the repairs usually in just half an hour.

iCare Repair’s goal is to build an extremely profitable network of franchises in North America servicing the phone and tablet repair industry. As mobile devices continue to grow and expand, we want to offer you an opportunity to start your own business in a market with tremendous upside potential. Join us and we’ll guide you on how to start a cell phone business so you can be your own boss!

All-Around Support 

With our effective business model, Phone Repair Guy Franchise provides a great opportunity for franchisees who want to gain financial independence and the ability to make their own business decisions. We’ll provide substantial training on repairs and customer service, site selection, supply of low-priced OEM parts and repair tools, Internet presence and marketing, as well as unique point-of-sale (POS) and operational technologies.

Quality Service
Training & Consultation

Phone Repair Guy Franchise is proud to be a trusted brand that has garnered multiple positive reviews from our satisfied customers. We thrive in the competitiveness and affordability of our products and services, besides the outstanding customer service that we offer at all our locations. Our Phone Repair Guy mobile phone repair franchisees can take advantage of our comprehensive training program, and also continuing support and assistance. We value our good name and we strive to maintain our great reputation in the mobile phone repair industry through all the franchises.

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